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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4! 

Our topic this half-term is Land, Sea and Sky.  We will be learning about coastal, woodland, urban, freshwater and farmland habitats. Following this our next topic will be ‘Different Places, Different Lives’.


For this term in maths, we will continue our learning with multiplication and division before moving on to length and perimeter. We will then complete the spring term with fractions and decimals. Here at Holland we enjoy bringing lessons to life by using practical resources and real-life situations to help develop these life skills in a fun way!


For this term in English we will be focusing on The Green Ship by Quentin Blake.  We will be looking at writing to entertain, through role-play and diary writing, persuasive arguments and poetry. In the second part of half-term we will be looking at the text ‘Queens Nose’ by Dick King-Smith.


This half term in geography we will be learning about rivers and the water that surrounds the British Isles. We’ll also be thinking about the affect water has on the landscape. In science we will focus on the Water Cycle, water habitats and plant adaptation. After half term, in geography, we’ll be comparing our locality with other places around the world. In history we will look at inventions and in design technology we will be making a moving vehicle.